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Our partners are trained and experienced with the StoreConnect platform and provide users with the personalised support and implementation services they need. Partners listed below have signed our Partner agreement and have the product knowledge, experience and support needed to ensure their clients succeed.

The StoreConnect teamwork with Salesforce Consulting partners and our Specialised partners to ensure all platform users achieve an amazing outcome. When you select a registered StoreConnect partner, you know they can provide the highest levels of service and support for your implementation.

If you need fully customised front-end development, 3rd party functionality for SMS, SEO optimisations, or other business needs, the partners below are trained in the StoreConnect platform to meet your needs.

Questions & Answers


In StoreConnect we use Salesforce standard objects wherever possible. For example, when a shopper completes a cart in StoreConnect, these are saved as Salesforce standard Order and OrderItem records in Salesforce and are associated with your standard Account and Contact records. StoreConnect then adds it’s Payment, Shipment, and other records which you can then extend and build on just like you can with standard Salesforce objects.

The result is a simplified integration model with all of your favourite 3rd party AppExchange apps.

StoreConnect is priced per org. You can see our pricing here. StoreConnect customers can l launch as many stores as they like within the one license.

In addition to the Subscription fee is a monthly Shared Success fee based on a percentage of sales in your org for the month. The Shared Success percentage varies for each subscription tier.

StoreConnect at a minimum requires a single Sales Cloud Enterprise license. No Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud or any other Salesforce license is required to install and setup StoreConnect out of the box.

Of course, many of our customers will have multiple licenses and multiple clouds, including Service, Marketing and so on and all of these work natively as StoreConnect is 100% native to the Salesforce platform.

In fact, the vast majority of our clients upgrade to additional licenses and clouds as it becomes clear that running their entire sales and online presence via the single platform pays back huge dividends and ROI.

StoreConnect works for all eCommerce applications.

But, unique to StoreConnect, you can establish multiple uniquely purposed stores in one StoreConnect installation.

That might be one or more stores for your distributors to place orders. Another one or more stores for consumer purchases and even an entirely separate store, referencing your product table as a stand-alone catalogue of products and product instructions.

Or you can use any combination of the above. All with unique pricing and currencies powered by standard Salesforce price books as well as support multiple geolocations, domain names and designs.


Custom CSS and Custom Javascript are built into the core of StoreConnect. We believe in giving our customers the tools to build their store exactly the way it needs to be.

Ok, there are some constraints on the layout of product, payment and check-out pages. But, we’re pretty sure it won’t cramp your style.

Additionally, we are working hard to allow you as partners and our clients to create their own custom StoreConnect themes allowing complete control over the design of a site.

As StoreConnect is built on Salesforce, you can leverage the powerful data import and manipulation tooling available to all Salesforce customers.

All StoreConnect information is stored in Salesforce. Information exported from other eCommerce platforms can be correctly formatted and massaged and uploaded via Dataloader or the Data Import Wizard into Salesforce.

This includes product information, pricebooks, URLs for product images and more.

To help you through the process, we provide full documentation on the objects and fields used.

You can download a feature comparison here.

If we don't cover the feature you need, you can contact us information on when the feature will be available, or find out more about our accelerated development.

Contact us at for any questions on our roadmap.

If there are features not currently available, but which are on the roadmap and you want to ensure they are completed faster, we offer accelerated development to get the features developed. With accelerated development, we share the cost with you to get it delivered and installed to your production org faster.

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