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eCommerce, Point of Sale,
Rewards, Content Management
and more…

  • Built natively on Salesforce CRM
  • E-Commerce & Inventory Management
  • Point of Sale for Single or Multiple Locations & Live Sync
  • Multi-Channel, Multi-Store, Multi-Currency - One License.

StoreConnect® eCommerce and Point-of-Sale solutions help Salesforce customers win.

Traditional multi-channel commerce solutions have been either too restricted or too expensive to fully leverage. StoreConnect solves this!

We are the Customer Commerce Company, the first affordable and complete eCommerce and Point of Sale solution built natively on Salesforce with tools to help your small and midsize business grow.

Your store is created entirely within Salesforce.

All sales, stock, customer and user information lives in Salesforce for all your staff to see and to use to expand your business.

StoreConnect components and Salesforce components fully integrated for ecommerce, shipping, inventory and others

“We found that every hypothetical question we asked in regards to what we wanted for our business ‘Could we do this? Can it do that?’ The answer was either ‘yes it already has this function’ or ‘this function doesn’t currently exist but we could definitely make it happen’. And true to their word, so far we have been able to work with our Salesforce implementation partner or StoreConnect to make whatever we need happen.”

“StoreConnect brought all our key requirements in a package that was affordable to deploy and maintain. There are only a few Salesforce AppExchange options that meet the non-profit requirements, but they were too expensive for a mid-sized non-profit. Ultimately our decision to go with StoreConnect was it was the most affordable solution that met all our key requirements. There’s no one in the market right now that can do what the StoreConnect product can do at this price point.”

“The most obvious benefit of StoreConnect has definitely been the ability to integrate our eCommerce solution almost seamlessly with Salesforce. All our marketing, CRM and ecommerce systems are in the same ecosystem - giving us a 360 degree view of our sales, marketing and customer service.”

“We have recently installed StoreConnect to our organisation and can highly recommend. The process of install and implementation has been seamless, and the training materials, courses and documentation provided have been so instrumental to learning the program quickly without issue.”

Ecommerce to SalesForce GIF

Flexible Web Design and Installation Options

StoreConnect is available for self-install as SaaS package on the Salesforce AppExchange.

You can use our built-in themes or request full design customisation from one of our Integration or specialist partners.

See our pricing page for the options available and our set-up packages.

Inventory management using storeConnect within SalesForce

Online Inventory Management

Salesforce provides the world’s leading CRM and customer success platform. StoreConnect hooks your eCommerce platform into everything Salesforce.

If you use Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud®, and Experience Cloud, StoreConnect is the affordable e-commerce platform that will bring it all together.

Need an analysis of your most profitable products? Sales Cloud has you covered. Need a real-time chat with clients? With Salesforce LiveAgent, you not only chat, you see the pages they have visited and the products purchased, and gain a full 360-degree customer view with every interaction.

All information is fully synchronized, allowing you to concentrate on your product and brand.

Centralized Customer Management

All updates to your online store are done within Salesforce. All incoming customer data instantly updates your Salesforce environment, keeping your customer, order, promotion, and stock inventory records up-to-date. In just a few clicks, your team can update products, orders, shipping information, and all client interactions.

Multiple Storefront

StoreConnect allows you to have multiple storefronts connected, managed, and delivered—all from one system. No more managing multiple software platforms and services to deliver different customer or brand targeted e-commerce stores. Manage multiple price books to cater to different customers, brands, or regions.

Seamless Integration

The integration doesn’t stop at Salesforce. We offer seamless integration with many leading payment gateways, numerous ERP platforms, and many other software packages, removing the need for manual data cross-entry and increasing data accuracy. Free up your staff from time-consuming and error-prone tasks!

Flexible Pricing

StoreConnect has an affordable monthly license and transaction fee structure suitable for any size business.

Software Upgrades & 24/7 Support

Every StoreConnect installation has an annual support solution providing software version upgrades, security patches and 24x7 system monitoring and support.

Some of our StoreConnect customer stores

Have a look at a few of the stores we’ve created with StoreConnect.

Paul Arnold Gallery

Harking from Australia’s Top End, Paul Arnold needed a solution that could scale with his gallery growth plans delivering breathtaking art to fans around the world.

View Online

Ivanhoe Cycles

Replaced a home built system with industry leading CRM and fast-loading online store able to handle thousands of transactions without trouble.

  • B2C
  • Customised Theme
  • Over 12,000 Products
View Online

Grace Cosmetics

Not only did the Grace Cosmetics website need to look the part, the back end built out on Salesforce saved countless hours through it’s advanced reporting and management systems.

View Online


Playbill needed a flexible solution to launch their merchandising stores.

  • Multi Store
  • Multi Currency
  • Click & Collect
View Online

Sharp Australia

Replacing multiple legacy websites and servers with a single StoreConnect installation handling all online sales referrals, support and admin requirements able to meet their evolving needs.

  • B2B / B2C
  • CMS
  • Customised Theme
View Online

Sove CPAP Clinic

Sove CPAP Clinic needed an integrated eCommerce solution that works flawlessly with their Salesforce environment, and that would handle high traffic loads.

  • B2C
  • Customised Theme
  • High Traffic Storefront
View Online

Get connected with StoreConnect®

We Look After Your eCommerce Needs

We have a dedicated team, that makes sure your store is online and responsive to visitors. We’re awake 24/7 so you can sleep soundly.

We believe your attention should be on growing your business, not worrying if your site is ‘up’.

Keeping a store online and secure is critical in the modern business world. Every StoreConnect installation includes annual support to provide software version upgrades, security patches, and our 24x7 support.

At StoreConnect, we have been building and hosting our client’s software applications site for close to a decade, keeping them online, scaled, and secure.

Find us on the Salesforce App Exchange!

Appexch Available Infographic with the SalesForce logo
Harness the Power of Salesforce with StoreConnect’s Commerce Platform

StoreConnect eCommerce has been released on the Salesforce App Exchange! We built it from the ground up to both simplify and speed the installation or migration of your e-commerce.

This is achieved by leveraging the power of Salesforce and the customer and product information already in your Salesforce Org. The efficiencies mean you get to market faster and benefit from lower development requirements.

StoreConnect is Salesforce Native and built for Lightning. So you are ready to take full advantage of all Salesforce platform tools.

See us on the AppExchange