StoreConnect Launches New Trial Org in AppExchange

Test StoreConnect from the AppExchange with a preconfigured store allowing you to try all of the features

July 3, 2023

We have some exciting news for you all - the first instance of our new Trial Orgs is live!

I’m sure you’re asking: “what on earth are Trial Orgs?” Well, glad you asked!

Trial Orgs are our exciting new way to help you try before you buy.

Picture this: a preconfigured demo store seamlessly integrated as part of a Salesforce trial. We’re talking about a pre-configured, ready-to-go combo of Salesforce and StoreConnect right at your fingertips, just after you breeze through a super-quick setup wizard.

The inaugural Trial Org store is the lean and mean version of our Bold Sport demo store, which we use in live product demos and it has a huge variety of product configurations.

We’ve got this slimmed-down version ready and raring to go, so you can jump right in and start experiencing the trial functionality, without having to add content.

But hey, we don’t want to settle for just good, we’re aiming for great! We’ve got our noses to the grindstone developing more content that will include features precisely targeted at even more verticals. This upgrade will be joining our Trial Org roster as our future trailblazer.

Our commitment to you is steadfast: we are going to keep refining this trial until it shines like a diamond. We want it to exhibit every nook and cranny of our product’s features and capabilities that are all there to make it easier for your customers to engage with you online, find what they need and to complete their checkout, subscription, booking or donation.

Why did we build this? We want to give clients a way to have a hands on experience of how StoreConnect works so they gain certainty in their processes. And without having to spend hours loading and configuring their environment. For partners, we know you want to give your clients complete certainty - and our trial force orgs mean, in a matter of hours, your team can spin up a demonstration literally showing clients that StoreConnect will provide efficiencies for their individual use case.

And what’s in it for you? We’re talking big time savings, financial and otherwise, utter simplicity, system consolidation, and perhaps best of all, that delicious peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve made the right choice.

Now, you’re probably itching to give it a whirl, and we’ve made it super simple for you.

Just head to our AppExchange listing and click on the ‘Get It Now’ button.

Select Install in a trial. It’s the bottom option in the pop-up.

We have multiple trials on offer:

  • Direct into Production: For those that like living on the edge!
  • Install into a Sandbox: Get it working with your own data!
  • Create a Trialforce Org: Create a new fully functional store with our sample data installed so you can play with a fully functional setup right away!

From there, just follow the prompts and the wizard that pops up in the org.

We cordially invite you to dip your toes in our initial trial release.

And don’t forget to keep an ear to the ground for our next big reveal—the multi-vertical polished trial. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it.

Happy trialing!