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What Makes StoreConnect eCommerce + Salesforce Customer 360 Critical to the Success of Your Business?

February 22, 2022

What is Salesforce Customer 360?

“Salesforce Customer 360” refers to the suite of Salesforce integrated applications that provide a complete view of your customers and their interaction with your business.

It is a business technology concept where every staff member in your company has access to the single-source-of-truth about your customers, from website enquiries to live chat feeds, marketing, order or support history. This information is all available on one platform.

StoreConnect eCommerce and the Salesforce Customer Journey

StoreConnect natively integrates into Salesforce. There is no third party platform outside of Salesforce to manage, which is why StoreConnect is the perfect complement to the Salesforce Customer 360 solution.

StoreConnect plus Salesforce empower your staff’s knowledge of customer engagement and the overall experience with your business.

Here’s an example of the customer journey beginning with an eCommerce sale through to processing the order, shipping and marketing to your customer.

  • Product Enquiry
    • Your website, built using StoreConnect, has a Salesforce Live Agent chatbox.
    • A prospective customer asks a question about a product that interests them.
    • Chat transcripts are recorded against the customer’s account within Salesforce.
  • Website Purchase
    • With their question answered, the customer purchases through your website.
    • The customer creates an online account, showing their order status and order history., allowing them to easily update their detailsThe website, shopping cart, order status, and history pages are part of StoreConnect’s technology, all viewed and managed in one place. You can build your web pages and customise order flows directly within Salesforce.
  • Order Flow
    • As the customer progresses through the order flow, Salesforce triggers transactional emails updating them on the status of their order.
    • The order flow synchronises to the customer’s website account, where they can access and see the progression of their order at any time.
  • Customer 360 view
    • Under the customer’s account within Salesforce, relevant staff can see the chat history, order statuses, customer support requests, or marketing campaigns, all under the one customer account.
    • Executives, Manager’s, Supervisors, Sales and Service staff all have controlled access to the same customer information.

The Customer 360 concept using StoreConnect and Salesforce together provides everyone in your business the complete picture of what is happening every step of the way, in real time. This allows you to provide a superior customer experience. All the information you need to drive your business to success is now in one place.

A Key Metric Of Success

Ensuring your customer’s success provides measurable benefits to your bottom line. Time, well-spent means less wasted hours, missing or hard-to-find customer or order information.

A survey of 2,500 small businesses published in the Salesforce Small and Medium Business Trends Report 5th edition found that more than half of growing SMBs accelerated their sales and customer service technology investments over the past year.

Knowing your customer and ensuring an incredible product experience is essential.

Knowledge is Power

“Knowledge is power,” an old saying still holds in today’s fast-paced world. Building solid relationships with your customers relies on accurate, holistic information. Information that gives you the ability to lead your customers across and through your business departments.

Established business owners know their customers, nurture relationships and continually improve processes. Taking this time to recognise and appreciate your customer’s requirements is central to your business success.

The Solution To Your Business Success is StoreConnect And Salesforce Together

StoreConnect solves the problem of API integrations, data loss, migration errors and data fragmentation.

Where StoreConnect utilises the power of Salesforce, Salesforce uses the power of StoreConnect. Together they complete an ideal Customer 360 eCommerce solution for businesses and customers alike.