StoreConnect features in Industry Booklet

February 24, 2022

We are pleased to share that StoreConnect has been featured in the AppExchange Industry Booklet for

AppExchange is the world’s most trusted enterprise cloud marketplace that allows customers to extend the power of Salesforce by offering a wide range of ready-to-install apps built on Salesforce Customer 360.

We are thrilled to be featured as one of the recommended AppExchange fundraising solutions for the nonprofit sector in the ANZ/EMEA market.

The StoreConnect platform provides a single system to manage charitable giving, sponsorships, donations, membership subscriptions and merchandising directly within Salesforce, saving precious time and resources. It simplifies back-office processes by giving you a feature-rich platform with all the functionality needed to maximise social impact.

A big thank you. Our success depends on your support and we greatly appreciate this.

We look forward to continuing working with you.