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The Autumn ‘21 Release

StoreConnect Autumn ‘21 comes with a ton of new features, bug fixes and security updates.

February 2, 2022

Autumn ‘21 leads us into our first seasonal release bringing us in-line with Salesforce’s own seasonal release process based on the Northern Hemisphere seasons.

StoreConnect Autumn ‘21 comes with a ton of new features, bug fixes and security updates. The most significant of which is the expansion of our liquid library support. We’ve also released features to strengthen client trading in Europe with GDPR cookie management compliance and international tax handling.

Notable features for the StoreConnect Autumn ‘21 Release are:

  • Expanded our supported Liquid reference library
  • GDPR Compliant Cookie management and privacy
    • Script Blocks to manage custom GDPR Javascript
    • Style Blocks to manage custom GDPR Stylesheets
  • Improved SEO canonical support
  • Shipping & billing countries now use ISO country data
  • Improved subscriptions product
  • Improved Paypal payment gateway integration
  • Improved Geolocation feature
  • Improved Booking Events feature
    • Tons more features and improvements
    • General bug fixes and security improvements

The Twice Annual Release

StoreConnect has immersed itself deeper into the Salesforce ecosystem. Our twice annual rollout of seasonal releases are similar to Salesforce’s own Spring, Summer and Winter releases. Seasonal references relate to the Northern Hemisphere, so for clarity, Spring refers to the quarter starting March whereas Autumn is the quarter beginning September. We’ve an online help document, Updates and Release Process, to provide more information if you need.

Autumn ‘21 Stable

Essentially, Autumn ‘21 brings forward all improvements and features made to both the core salesforce package and backend website technologies. The full list of these can be found on our Release Notes and you can check your version number by reading the section titled, “Locate your StoreConnect version numbers.”

An Expanded Liquid Reference Library

In preparation for our upcoming Theme Builder, the Liquid Reference library has been significantly extended and is likely to be one of the most interesting developments in ‘22. Extending StoreConnect’s liquid capabilities lead us into extensive page and theme customisations which also include the ability to build your own theme.

GDPR Privacy compliance

New script and style blocks sit alongside our GDPR compliant cookie and privacy feature. Both script and style blocks allow administrators to silo, or reuse code blocks in the same way that Content Blocks can be reused throughout stores.

SEO Improvements

Support for canonical (SEO friendly) links is deeper removing blank parameters, thereby reducing search engine friction.

In Summary

To be honest, the number of newly developed and refinement of existing features have been extraordinary and quite frankly, unrelenting. In fact, I’d be bold enough to say that Autumn ‘21 may be our most significant release to date.

There are exciting times ahead for 2022. Our next seasonal release, Spring ‘22 comes with Theme Builder, the next major feature for StoreConnect and who knows, maybe our Point of Sale system will be upon us closer than what we think!