Announcing New StoreConnect Pricing

October 15, 2022

We are always working towards a pricing model that makes sense for our clients at StoreConnect. It has been an evolution since we started, with multiple types of plan and pricing models evolving over the years.

Today, I’m happy to announce another evolution in our pricing and a new opportunity for our clients and partners.

We have just released 3 major changes to our pricing plans:

  1. No per month transaction limits on any of our plans;
  2. Customisable & configurable per plan limits; and
  3. Our new Starter Plan for $95 per month.

Let me go into more detail on each of these:

No per month transaction limits on any of our plans

Up until now, we had a monthly limit of 200 transactions on our small plan, 5000 on our medium plan and no limit on our large plan. But as we were launching our starter plan, we looked further and found that putting a monthly limit (even if it was a “soft” limit) just didn’t make sense for us, or our customers.

So we removed the limit. You can do as many transactions as you please on each plan. If you are on a small plan and suddenly have a spike where you get more than 36,000 orders over a day and a half… no problem! We’ll handle it, just as we have done before and written up in our “Can StoreConnect Scale?” blog post.

So, you might ask, if there is no transaction limit, why would anyone want to upgrade to our larger plans? Simple: support levels, performance - moving from shared servers to dedicated, database capacity, scalability, CDN capacity, security options, multi currency and multi stores, as well as POS capabilities.

Some limits were required as our Small and Starter plans are not on dedicated servers and so, one client using “more than their fair share” could negatively impact on the other users on the same servers.

However, removing the artificial order limit does mean that the resulting plans are a lot more equitable and also fits in line with our philosophy of giving our small customers the same opportunity as our big customers.

Customisable & configurable per plan limits

With no per month transaction limits, we did need to introduce some clarity around each plan’s capabilities. This is because someone on one of our smaller plans might want to add just one more store, or another POS terminal or the like.

Due to this, we have added caps on each plan with the ability to add another store, or another couple of POS terminals as appropriate. This makes our plans a lot more flexible into the future.

Our new Starter Plan for $95 per month

This is an exciting one. For a long time StoreConnect has been one of the simplest ways to launch a FAST website on top of Salesforce. With our ability to use Liquid and Markdown with our configurable content block templates and theme builder, your company can launch their corporate website on StoreConnect and manage the whole thing out of your Salesforce environment.

But until now, our small plan - at several hundred dollars per month - was too big a leap to just move the corporate website over.

Now, with our Starter plan for $95 USD per month, clients can realistically move their Wordpress website over to StoreConnect and manage all their content from within Salesforce.

This plan opens up a great opportunity for our StoreConnect partners to start offering a website migration service to their existing customer base, moving them over to a Salesforce powered StoreConnect site from their existing legacy Wordpress or similar CMS site. Thus removing one more cog from a complex tech stack.

In Summary

As I mentioned at the start of this article, we are always working at making our pricing and entire product offering better and better as we roll forward.