AFDigital goes live with new company website on StoreConnect!

AFDigital have now launched a newly designed company website on the StoreConnect platform with a fantastic new design.

May 2, 2022

In June 2020, AFDigital were the first StoreConnect partner to launch a StoreConnect online store. They wanted to streamline how they sold consulting services to their customers, simplifying what can be an involved process. The end result was an online store allowing a customer to choose exactly what they needed and pay for it online. It was perfect timing to transfer their process to an online version for their service offering as the lockdowns rolled out over the next two years.

Key asks were: - 100% integration with their Salesforce CRM. - Allow AFDigital to sell its services to customers. - Receive direct or credit card instalments and subscription payments.

At the time, CEO & Co-founder Robin Leonard did the initial store set up personally with no technical support. He is not a developer and has minimal website building experience. In just a day he was able to go live with a fully functioning eCommerce website by editing content and uploading media himself, all within the Salesforce CRM.

Fast forward to 2022, and AFDigital have now launched a newly designed company website on the StoreConnect platform with a fantastic new design. They have eliminated a whole tech stack, and easily manage their website out of their Salesforce org.

“Remote selling is now the norm for B2B,” says Robin Leonard, CEO & Co-Founder of AFDigital.

“We have seen changes to the way businesses are engaging across the entire customer journey. Our customers are now doing the research and evaluation stages online. Before COVID, we used to have to have an in-person meeting to kick off the process, to share information and answer questions. Now, customers want all of that information online, they want self service and an ability to interact with you on their devices.”

Robin continues, “Almost all industries and organisations will at some stage need to provide an eCommerce solution to their customers, even if your competitors are not yet providing similar services and it isn’t the norm for your industry. eCommerce is about removing friction from the customer purchase process. They may pay by cheque or bank deposit today but in the future, they will want to pay electronically and be fully mobile. eCommerce is simply a self-service sales agent that enables a more modern ‘contactless’ transaction.”