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The Salesforce & StoreConnect Communities: Taking on new challenges in Tech

One inspirational mum is leading the way when it comes to inspiring women and helping the world at the same time.

May 2, 2024

Breaking Barriers

SF and SC Communities - Img 1 Group Preeti Kumar is like many women in that she took a career break to raise her children - now 19 and 21 years old. For many mum’s their primary goal for these years is to raise strong, healthy and successful children. With her kids well on their way, Preeti decided on a new career in the tech industry, which has traditionally seen far higher participation from men than women.

Preeti wasn’t a fan of coding, but in consultation with her husband, who is also in the industry, she decided to embark on a journey to become a Salesforce Administrator. Not content with inspiring other mum’s to re-enter the workforce after a career break, she is also using her journey to help in the not-for-profit sector, thus supporting the community to help reduce inequality in other areas. This is a small snapshot of Preeti’s story over the past few years, since moving to Australia.

“I felt very welcomed here in Australia, and of course, we had a ready-made circle of friends through work.”

From Learning to Leading

After being a full-time mum and bringing up her kids, Preeti decided to return to the workforce. She was very interested in eCommerce and decided to train as a StoreConnect Administrator as an upskill to completing her Salesforce Administrator certification thanks to her mentor, Jessica Macpherson OAM, from Blaze Your Trail who has greatly helped her on this journey.

SF and SC Communities - Img 2 Team

StoreConnect is built on the Salesforce platform and together it brings eCommerce and CRM together seamlessly.

“I thought it would give me something extra over others to be competitive in the job market.”

“In regards to my experience with StoreConnect, it’s actually very easy … because whether you want to add a product or shipping or add a promotion code or to buy a product from the website, it’s a seamless process, managing everything out of Salesforce.”

“I didn’t want the training to end. It was so enjoyable.”

“I plan to actively participate in the Salesforce Community where I can share my knowledge with the people and mentor people…Overall, I just want to make an impact in the Salesforce ecosystem, professionally and personally.”

We’re delighted Preeti is putting her newfound knowledge and skills to work on a pro-bono charitable project.

“I enjoy working with Blaze Your Trail because I’m helping while also gaining knowledge and experience. I’m keen to get into a non-profit organisation or the retail industry when the opportunity comes in.”

“My training process with StoreConnect was absolutely amazing. It was so smooth and seamless.”

Preeti added that she can see endless opportunities working in the Salesforce and StoreConnect communities. She is passionate about delving into complex problems and finding solutions for her clients.

Whether this is being employed with a company or working as a consultant doing her own thing, we can see that the future is bright for Preeti and other women like her re-entering the workforce after parenting duties.

Looking Ahead: Opportunities and Optimism

SF and SC Communities - Img 4 Business More and more women are entering the technology market. Training and a willingness to contribute to the community will help anyone re-entering the workforce overcome the barriers of experience or career breaks.

The USA and Australia, like many markets around the world, are suffering from a lack of talent and a tight labour market, and as such opportunities definitely exist.

One thing is for sure, if you have the interest and passion, then the sky's the limit with Salesforce, the Customer Company and StoreConnect, the Customer Commerce Company.