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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

December 5, 2023

Did every retailer’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales online go off without a hitch this year? In past years, brands have experienced outages or other site performance problems that have impacted their sales, and more.1

Most companies made money during the start of the holiday shopping season, but what retailers should have focused on was the income they didn’t realize they were losing over Black Friday and Cyber Monday due to ignoring Customer Commerce.

With Black Friday online retail traffic estimated to be three times that of a normal October shopping day2, it is no wonder that technical issues can be a significant problem, particularly for SMBs that rely on customer relationships.

This is where Customer Commerce comes into play. Retailers could be losing potential customers, from 20 to 40%, due to content management and e-commerce system glitches and technical problems.

It’s the lost income that you don’t see, and, even beyond that, it’s the lifetime value of a lost client.

Missing the opportunity in Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Bad service from an SMB can be a deal breaker, with 96% of customers saying they will leave a retailer if they receive bad service.3 If SMBs missed their chance to create new relationships during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they have lost out on a powerful key to their future success.

Unlike big retailers, delivering individual service to customers is what sets SMBs apart.

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to leave a good or a bad impression. Any site outage, technical glitch or incorrectly priced item, can cost SMBS in terms of revenue, ranking and loyalty during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

StoreConnect — Designed for speed. Crafted for connection — is a content management system and an e-commerce system-in-one that works through the world’s number one CRM without the need for any additional tools, and it’s all centred on Customer Commerce. It allows SMBs to handle an influx of online sales without any glitches. Instead of relying on 15 to 20 different SaaS products, SMBs can use StoreConnect to transform the shopping experience for $5,000 a year.

StoreConnect gives small and medium-sized businesses the same ability that retailers like Amazon, Macy’s and Walmart offer without having to invest millions of dollars into platforms.

It’s a revolution in the e-commerce experience like going from walking straight to a sports car, skipping the horse drawn carts altogether.


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