"Yes, we can" — the words you want to hear from your eCommerce provider

March 1, 2021

Small businesses often get the raw end of the stick with off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions. You get the immediate win of a launched online store that looks great, but then to solve your business needs, you have to bolt together various systems which can add more and more complexity and more than one database containing customer data. That can mean more time to manage software you originally purchased to save you time!

StoreConnect says “yes, we can” to small to medium businesses because it is built on Salesforce, the global industry leader in client relationship management.

StoreConnect’s feature-rich platform is lifted further by allowing clients to automate and customise their customer workflows with the Salesforce CRM.

You might need a B2B and B2C model, tailored to your different customers. Or to accept subscriptions while also selling merchandise. As unique as your business is, storeConnect and Salesforce follow what your business needs to save time.

In addition, the Salesforce AppExchange takes eCommerce and business solutions to a whole new level, allowing you to integrate 3rd party solutions so you get exactly what you need to run your business in an efficient, streamlined manner.

With over 3,000 apps and components that extend the Salesforce functionality, you are bound to find the solution you need rapidly on the AppExchange. These apps are pre-integrated to work smoothly with Salesforce and are automatically updated.

It saves time otherwise wasted on disparate platforms which only increases as your business grows and your digital requirements increase.

The end goal is to eliminate multiple platforms with their separate log-ins, updates, and maintenance. It will save you time, and time, after all, is money!

Picture your staff logging into Salesforce where everyone can see the same real-time data, including:

  • Sales pipeline and reporting

  • Customer service

  • Stock and warehousing

  • Analytics and reporting delivered by Salesforce with easy to configure dashboards and reports in the click of a button so you can do proper reviews and forecasting across every area of your business.

  • RP and finance software integration

  • Automated tailored marketing campaigns via online, email, and SMS

  • And did we mention that storeConnect comes with its own CMS and even allows you to run your whole website from within the Salesforce platform?

Drop us a line if you have any questions.