Why fully integrated eCommerce saves you time and means happy customers

February 26, 2021

You have a small to medium business and you are using Salesforce CRM. You need a better eCommerce experience that saves you time and gives your customers the experience they want and you are comparing and researching all options.

So, what is the best eCommerce for small businesses using Salesforce CRM?

Off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions often require multiple add-ons for small businesses to achieve efficient functionality. The more solutions you add the more syncing is required, more systems to learn, and passwords to remember.

A small business is usually time-poor. There is a lot to do and a lot of multi-tasking. Digital solutions need to save businesses time and money, not create extra work to manage them all. Once they are set up, you want them to just work and talk to each other smoothly.

The goal is a single sign-on to one system to access everything the business needs in terms of eCommerce, sales, service, marketing, and analytics, with everything hooked in and integrated including accounting software and stock management.

That’s what our customers tell us they want in an ideal world but can’t ever imagine finding a solution without an enterprise-level price tag.

That enterprise-level integration experience was exactly what we set out to create with StoreConnect. It is built on Salesforce, which solves all of those integration issues, with your business data spread across multiple databases. Salesforce eliminates the need for multiple add-ons and disparate systems. As a result, StoreConnect’s feature-rich platform is FAST, enabling you to automate and customise your eCommerce needs all within Salesforce, giving you that one touch 360 views including:

  • Built-in CMS function

  • Run your entire eCommerce website from within your Salesforce org

  • Easily manage customer service, stock, and warehousing

  • Run automated tailored marketing campaigns via online, email, and SMS

  • ERP and accounting software integration

And you now have much more time to concentrate on your customer’s and growing your business.

“With StoreConnect I didn’t need to consider any integration costs, nor did we need to install 3rd party plugins to meet specific requirements. It was simple to set up, requiring no development skills and we were able to go live rapidly.

“The only maintenance required is ongoing content optimisation, allowing our business to focus on what matters, not the tech behind it.

“Also a huge amount of time has been saved by not having to duplicate our product catalog from Salesforce Products to our eCommerce system. This would have cost a lot to keep these in sync manually.” Robin Leonard, CEO & Co-Founder of AFDigital