Sell more, in more markets

October 26, 2020

Many businesses try to create one online store that fits all clients and business cases.

Or they have many smaller stores with multiple dashboards that require managing with a large administrative overhead.

With StoreConnect eCommerce you aren’t limited to one store front. Nor are you limited to two, or even four.

From one StoreConnect instance you can launch as many stores as you like, for no additional monthly fee.

You can create multiple unique storefronts for each market from within the one StoreConnect app. Whether it is a store for a specific geographic region, or for your wholesale customers or to showcase a brand. It’s up to you.

You choose the design and the products. You can set different prices across different stores. Or even different prices for logged-in customers.

And your online stores are all easily managed from within Salesforce - with clicks not code.

StoreConnect gives you back full control to create highly integrated and functional store fronts that drive sales and simplify business processes.