StoreConnect Content Management System

September 23, 2020

An important design principle of StoreConnect is that it must be easy for users to update all content in their website and to be able to update everything in one place.

StoreConnect Content Management System (CMS) fills that need perfectly.

StoreConnect CMS includes powerful and dynamic tools like content blocks which are created once, used across the site, and update dynamically across all pages. Any additional edits also dynamically update.

For example, if you needed to update the product warranty for 500 products, with content blocks you can make one edit and have the changes apply across all products. Similarly, if you regularly mention specials or feature products in your articles or blogs, you can create a content block for featured products. This content block can appear in as many pages or articles as you need, and whenever those featured products are updated, it updates across all posts or pages!

There is a vast range of features available in StoreConnect CMS including:

  • Dynamic Content Blocks
  • All standard image types or videos supported
  • Insert custom javascript site-wide or page-specific
  • Include static pages for blogs or news
  • Customise your menu structure and product categories
  • Include personalised content for logged in users
  • URL customisation

With StoreConnect CMS we give control back to you to create highly functional and flexible storefronts that drive sales.

Please contact us for a demo of StoreConnect. Email:

Or watch our StoreConnect presentation here.