Mr Sink's StoreConnect online store launches

August 12, 2020

Mr Sink is a leading seller of bathroom, kitchen, and associated hardware. They have a physical Melbourne showroom, supplier B2B, and sell B2C. Their existing online store functionality was insufficient and without a decent customer relationship management (CRM) system in place, they were losing leads and add-on business.


Mr Sink now has a fully integrated first-class eCommerce sales system. StoreConnect is integrated with their POS system, allowing their online and in-store customer transactions to be recorded directly to Salesforce CRM. Mr. Sink’s store was online in 12 hours, with product data migration from their old store done over 2 weeks. With all customer data going into Salesforce CRM, they can now leverage the many Salesforce business products to provide exceptional customer service with streamlined customer management on the backend.

Their online store is easy to maintain and is updated with clicks not code. See their site here.