StoreConnect Connected eCommerce is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange

February 14, 2020

StoreConnect is an online store backed by the full power of Salesforce. You no longer need to manage different platforms to keep track of inventory, sales, shipments, clients & taxes. StoreConnect & Salesforce provides you with one central location for customer information. Check it out on the Salesforce AppExchange here.

Companies with multiple brands can set up one StoreConnect install & create multiple storefronts each with its own brand, URL, pricing & currency. Or if you just want to have a different interface for retail customers & companies or geographic regions, StoreConnect is the solution for you.

You use your Salesforce dashboard where you control products across multiple stores & accounts. One place to manage stock information, promotional discounts to each market segment & one place to manage service or support calls.

With StoreConnect we use standard objects wherever possible so you can leverage the contacts, products, price book & all other information already in your Salesforce org to get your e-commerce presence live.

Utilise Salesforce dashboards to see exactly what is selling, your campaign performance & your stock levels.

  • Contact us for ENTERPRISE pricing for high volume sales.