StoreConnect Accelerates Your Online Sales!

October 19, 2020

First impressions count. If your store isn’t fast, up-to-date, and easily navigated, potential customers will click away before they can engage. And they might never come back. Loading speed is even more crucial on mobile devices.

The speed at which your pages load also affects how search engines like Google rank your site. Search engines aim to return results that meet searcher’s needs. A slow site is not good enough and will be penalised, which means that your page will have less chance of showing up in top page rankings, even when you have relevant, high-quality content. You want a fast, snappy online store that potential customers can easily find.

Site speed and ease of navigation were primary drivers in storeConnect’s creation.

One of our customers saw a 43X increase in online sales with StoreConnect. They were primarily a brick and mortar store in Victoria, but got their StoreConnect site online just before COVID restrictions hit and they have done a remarkable job weathering these unprecedented circumstances.

StoreConnect is also easily managed by non-technical staff and it allows you to gain unprecedented insights to your customers because it’s built on and managed in Salesforce, the world’s number one CRM.

StoreConnect gives all control back to you to create highly integrated and functional storefronts that drive sales.