Salesforce CPQ integration with storeConnect now launched

August 17, 2020

We have just launched a major out-of-the-box feature for storeConnect — integration with Salesforce CPQ for complex pricing models and bundles.

If you have ever tried to buy a commercial printer or office equipment online you know that it’s hard to just have a look and simply order.

When you’re buying a copier/printer there can be a daunting amount of options: Do you need a high-capacity paper tray? Do you want an auto document feeder? A straight output or the stacker output tray? Did you want staple and/or punch functionality? Wired or wireless networking? And it goes on…

This type of configuration for product sales has been problematic for eCommerce sites in the past and has required a salesman to assist on every sale.

It’s time to take these orders online. And you can now with storeConnect Bundled products, powered by Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote software).

storeConnect bundled products allow the following:

- Required free or paid add-ons for purchase with product

- Suggested free or paid add-ons for purchase with product

- Product configuration options (size, capacity, colour, etc.)

- Easily configured with specials and discount offers

- Customised price books for logged in users

- Options are included as line-items for shipping & inventory management

storeConnect bundled products enables customers to configure orders using pre-defined packages and options suitable for the product.

storeConnect eCommerce caters for both B2C and B2B. Customers require a minimum of two Salesforce CPQ Plus licenses to utilise this feature.

Contact us for a live demo of this in action.